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Think Your Way to Weight Loss

Think Your Way to Weight Loss

Most women think, say and do things that counteract their desire to lose weight; some are even aware of it. Yet no one ever does anything to fix it. Just because you have always "poor mouthed" your body doesn't mean you can't change. If you really want to lose weight, it's time to take a cold, hard look in the mirror.
This exercise isn't so you can look at your reflection and think, "Wow, you big, fat pig, you really need to lose some weight!" In fact, I find that this "honesty" does nothing to serve us. Look in mirror and realize the real cause of your weight . Besides, saying "I'm fat" isn't being honest; I've heard thin women make this comment. Saying these things is just putting yourself down. It's time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and complaining about how fat you've gotten or how you've let yourself go. lose weight in 1 month diet and exercise.
I just told you that your thoughts become your words and your words become your actions. So if you think you're fat, ugly, overweight, pudgy, whatever, you will begin speaking these thoughts (making your mind believe it as a "truth" and cause others to believe this of you), and you will eventually do things that cause you to become or stay this way.
Here's an exercise to get you out of this mentality (believe me, I used to be there and it's no picnic) and into a thinner, healthier body; one you can be proud of and confident in.
Step 1: Get out a sheet of paper and make a list of ALL the things you think about your body - and BE HONEST! Write these things on the left side of the paper. (Example: 1. My thighs are too big, 2. I'm a huge, fat 've all said this one)
Step 2: Twist around your comment and make it something positive. Write this positive statement on the right side of the paper, on the same line as the comment. I know this may be a big step for some of you, but do it, and do it for every comment you write. (Example: 1. My thighs are perfect AND beautiful, 2. I'm healthy, fit and am in control of my body)
Step 3: Fold your sheet of paper in half, so that only the positive column is showing. Read off each positive statement ONLY, in a row, every morning before work or every night before you go to sleep. Do this for at least 21 days.
This may sound ridiculous. I don't care. It works, and if you're not willing to try it, don't bother trying anything else to lose weight. If you are negative about your body and you try other weight loss methods, you will eventually self-sabotage, and your whole life will be spent losing weight and gaining it back. I promise, I was there once.
Also, saying positive (twisted-around) statements will sound like you're lying to yourself, but the truth is that the negative statements you say are actually a lie you've taught your mind to believe. Don't feel foolish saying the positive stuff, when you start making it a habit, you will see subtle but serious changes in your behavior (and on the scale!).
Do this exercise today, and I look forward to hearing about your progress!

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